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This is one of the natural groups at TKC comprising primarily of matured and married men.  The name excellent is derived from the nature of God because God is excellent, therefore man (male gender), God’s first creation is expected to be outstanding and exemplary.

The idea behind having such a group is to foster better relationships among men in the church, the display of wisdom in decision making by men and the fulfillment of the Godly purpose of men so that men would be able to take their rightful place as leaders in the home, church and society.

Men as leaders in the home should show good example in all manner of conduct. They should not be missing in action.  In this world today, the absence of fathers have caused a whole lot of problems in homes.  In other cases, fathers are present but they are not living up to their responsibilities.

The Excellent Men forum’s aims are reflected in the activities of this group of people. We do have organize seminars, mentoring of youths, community outreaches, prayer retreat, etc.  This family as it is called is able to execute all the programs summarized above through free will donations and a monthly fee paid by all members. The family affairs are managed by executives.