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“Then Samuel asked, “Are these all the sons you have? “There is still the youngest,” Jesse replied. “But he’s out in the fields watching the sheep and goats. “Send for him at once,” Samuel said. “We will not sit down to eat until he arrives. ”So Jesse sent for him. He was dark and handsome, with beautiful eyes. And the Lord said, “This is the one; anoint him.” So as David stood there among his brothers, Samuel took the flask of olive oil he had brought and anointed David with the oil. And the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David from that day on. Then Samuel returned to Ramah.” (1 Samuel 16:11-13, NLT)

Accelerated progress is an intervention in the course of a destiny to fast forward glorious occurrences.

How heaven defines our challenges:

  • Light: “For our light affliction…” (2 Corinthians 4:17a, KJV)
  • Moment: “…which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;” (2 Corinthians 4:17, KJV)
  • While: “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.” (1 Peter 5:10, KJV)
  • Night: “For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5, KJV)
  • Tomorrow: “Then Elisha said, “Hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord: ‘Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.” (2 Kings 7:1, NKJV)
  • Three Days, according to the cycle and calendar of heaven:

To possess, maximize and continually retain accelerated progress you need Tact.

Tact: implies propriety and the ability to speak or act unoffensively.

Sometimes people come our way to derail us in destiny’s path therefore we must show tact

You must have enough wisdom not to engage in unnecessary arguments.

Tact takes wisdom and it involves practice.  You need to have a discerning ability to be able to apply tact.

Anytime you come into a situation, there are different characters and temperaments that you need to contend with.

Watch out for these categories of people:

  1. Testers—They want to see if you are up to the task.

Testers are looking for a particular trait in you.  Immediately you pass, they are yours.

How to deal with testers—By right Actions

  1. Taunters—They want to see how much you can endure. Their objective is to make you quit by saying, I have had enough or provoke you into taking a wrong step.

How to deal with taunters—By ignoring them.

  1. Tailers—They only see your mistakes. They are stalking your every move and they keep count of your errors.

You will be surprised when a situation arise and they start reeling out dates with exact time of when you did something wrong.

How to deal with tailers—By listening to right counsel

  1. Trickers—They want to see what you will fall for.

How to deal with trickers—By Wisdom

  1. Taggers—They see a label on you.

How to deal with taggers—Allow God to wash off every negative label

  1. Talkers—They want to see if they can sway you.

How to deal with talkers—Silence them

  1. Tillers or Tenders—These are helpers of destiny.

“And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and guard and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15, TAB)

How colourful, exciting and pleasant life will be for you will depend on the kind of garment you give life to wear.

You alone cannot dress or work your future.  Though you must be a tiller and a tender but you need many more helpers.

The mighty men of David were his tenders.  People that were once testers can be tenders.