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At The King’s Covenant (TKC), we believe that the early years of a child represent an important period of character building as well as that of physical and spiritual growth. We recognize that all of these are ordained by God, and as a result, TKC’s KingdomLand, the junior arm of our church is designed to provide the desired safe, caring, and loving environment where children members are raised to achieve all of that.

The children are helped to develop among others the right values and virtues; love, excellence, righteousness, responsibility & accountability, all of which together help our children to discover their identity and potentials and go forward to maximize those potentials in Jesus Christ.

Different resources and tools are deployed in imparting and impacting the children. Depending on their age groups, Bible lessons are taught in group settings through Sunday school, story-telling, songs, quizzes, and other age-appropriate fun activities.

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