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YorkU Campus Fellowship

The King’s Covenant Fellowship (TKCF) is the university campus fellowship arm of the church. It centers on the gathering together of student members, mostly young adults from tertiary institutions all around the immediate TKC neighborhood, and Toronto in general.

TKC Kingdomland

At The King’s Covenant (TKC), we believe that the early years of a child represent an important period of character building as well as that of physical and spiritual growth.

The Visionaries are a group of young adults between the ages of 19 and 35 of TKC.

The Protocol Department is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating logistics and, overseeing all protocol matters, respecting the visit of Ministers of God and special guests to the church.

KII gives insight (the key) into kingdom principles so that individuals will be able to operate as ambassadors of the King thereby living a life of impact.

Kibbutz is a Hebrew word for a collectively run community. At TKC, it models the Christian community described in scriptures and represents what is generally known as the House Fellowship. It is the primary expression of the church across all the different neighborhoods where our members reside, family-oriented and open to all ages.

This is one of the natural groups at The King’s Covenant comprising primarily of matured and married men.

The Evangelism Ministry is mainly concerned with evangelism and follow up, which is the sharing of the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We talk about His life, death, resurrection, and of course, the offer of His presence in the lives of mankind, as well as the hope and assurance of eternal life with Him.

At TKC, our Music Ministry is characterized by a high standard of excellence in practice, ministry, attitude, and diligence.

To provide a safe-space zone where adolescents between ages 14-17 can worship God together, grow spiritually, have honest conversations about real issues, and be impacted to impact others for Christ.